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It is the Green Eyed Monster...

-Othello, Act III Scene III

Shakespeare would have us believe that the Green Eyed Monster is jealousy or perhaps a cat (he hates on cats throughout Othello), but I tell you this monster is a kind of cyclops hanging ever-present in the background of nearly every shot in this ....

the final episode of

April Fools and other Madmen: For a Muse of Fire.

Part I:  Who Sins the Most? • YouTube | Vimeo

Part II:  What a Piece of Work • YouTube | Vimeo

Part III:  Sound and Fury • YouTube | Vimeo

Part IV:  For a Muse of Fire • YouTube | Vimeo

April Fools and other Madmen, an American Firelight Indpendent Film from Detroit, MI.  Directed by Benjamin Karl